Friday, December 3, 2010

Nothing Is Really Perfect *4* PART 2

After her talk with Yasmeen, Jenna stormed out of the house with a soul full of rage. She felt betrayed by her husband. Especially at Dalia. How could she sneak off to see 3bdullah behind Jenna's back? Did she really need this right now? After all, they were trying to conceive.

Speaking of Dalia and 3bdullah..

Dalia: let's go..
3bdullah: Seriously? It's only been ten minutes.
Dalia: He... umm... didn't show up...
3bdullah: Did you try calling him?
Dalia: His phone's off.. it's ok.. just please take me home..
3bdullah: I'm sorry Dee...
Dalia: It's fine 3adi, just take me home.

7aram wallah. She was really looking forward to seeing Faisal. But that's ok, atleast two of the four were going to see eachother. And hey, it might even end with a big bang too.

Jennah was on her feet moving constantly back and fourth in the living room. She couldnt wait for 3bdullah to get home to give him a piece of her mind. 

3bdullah: 7beebty you home?
Jennah: Ana bl 9alah..
3bdullah: Halah 7beebty kfk? how was your day..
Jennah: Awwh look at you all perky and happy and cheery..
3bdullah: Ok whats wrong with you? You've got that weird look on your face.
Jennah: What did you do today?
3bdullah: Nothing just.... went by the office nothing new.
Jennah: Oh i bet nothing's new!!
3bdullah: Ok that's it I've had it Jay! What is wrong with you?!!
Jennah: Me? Your the one sneaking off with my sister behind my back! So YOU tell me what the hell's going on?!!
3bdullah: Ya Rabiii....
Jennah: Oh yeah you better pray!!
3bdullah: Dalia likes this guy and she wasn't ready to tell any of you just yet and for some reason she felt that she could talk to me. So she asked me to drop her off and then drop her back home. I said ok cause she seemed so happy with this guy and when did we ever see Dalia like that? I didn't mean to hide it from you but she told me to promise not to tell.
Jennah: Mmhmm.. and what about the late night texts?
3bdullah: That was all related to the guy she likes... wait! have you been snooping through my fhone?! How long has this been going on?!!
Jennah: Dont you dare turn this around on me !!
3bdullah: I'm not turning anything! This is the truth! And you know what Jay, I honestly I'm sick and tired of all of this. Your mood lately has been giving me hell. Any guy in my shoes would have walked away! And my God it's like you don't even trust me anymore!!
Jennah: So your leaving me?
3bdullah: No Jay... I just need some time to think. I'll grab a few of my clothes and stay at a hotel. There's no need for anyone to know. Ma nby netfashal.
Jennah: Ummm but when will you be back?
3bdullah: I dunno we'll see.

Meanwhile Yasmeen called 3bdul3ziz to pick her up. And on their way home she got some goodish badish news ?

3bdul3ziz: Hey you ok?
Yasmeen: Yup couldnt be better..
3bdul3ziz: Well your about to 7beebty. From now on we got the whole house to ourselves.
Yasmeen: What? What do you mean? Where's 7amad?
3bdul3ziz: And here i was thinking you'd scream with joy.
Yasmeen: 3ziz Im serious where is 7amad !!
3bdul3ziz: I dont know. All he sent me was a text saying he'll be gone for a few days and i tried calling him but his phone is switched off.
Yasmeen: Oh my God...
3bdul3ziz: What?
Yasmeen: Nothing I'm just so glad we have the house to ourselves.. yay...

She was depressed. She never thought 7amad would result to leaving. Guilt was eating her whole body up. She knew she over exajurated in the car today. And letting this go, forgetting was not an option for her. She knew she had to make it right but how? Where is 7amad?

Once they got home 3bdul3ziz dimmed the lights in the bedroom and waited for Yasmeen. When she got upstairs chills went running all over body. He pulled her towards him and started undressing her. He was her husband so there was no reason for her to stop him. So she went along with it. That night she gave herself to him yet again.

The next morning she woke up and found a message from 7amad saying:

I'm sorry for how I acted yesterday. If it's not too much i'd like to see you tonight. get back to me soon.

Do I lie and say that she wasnt too happy about the message? Because she was beyond thrilled. She was up half the night worrying about him!

As for Dalia... well she woke up to quit a surprise aswell. As she headed down to the kitchen to fix herself something to eat she got a knock on the door.

Faisal: You don't have to say it. I already know what your thinking. I feel so bad about yesterday. 
Dalia: If you couldnt make it why didnt you just call me?
Faisal: Dalool wallah i wanna answer that question but for now your gonna have to trust me...
Dalia: is there another girl?
Faisal: No! Haha God no it's just you. but for now your gonna have to just take my word that it was important.
Dalia: Ok I believe you. Now run along before my parents see you..
Faisal: I'll call you in a bit..